Like most, my first impression and chiropractic experience was a negative one. In early 2013 my father was in a severe, head-on automobile collision. My father’s attorney at the time had advised chiropractic care. Not only was the chiropractic care he received horrendous, the substandard care further worsened his condition.

Watching my father continue to suffer in agonizing pain, I wrote off chiropractic care altogether. Not only for myself but for any family or friend seeking my advice or future referral. Based on what I know and my experience, two scenarios always seem to occur. A healthy majority of people will not even consider chiropractic care formed on horror stories like the one I just told you, or, have one of their own to share. I had to wonder, despite my dislike at the time, how a form of medical care that was established in the late 1800s, could still be victorious in today’s times with such an atrocious stigma?

In 2016 I had really started to feel my body’s delayed response to all the sports I had played and injuries I had sustained over the course of those years, including multiple surgeries for various things. When we’re young and resilient we tend to think we’re physically invincible. In that moment I suppose we are, but there will always be consequences for our actions, even if delayed. Hello back pain! My 24-year-old thought process at the time was “don’t think about it, it will go away on its own, you’re young”. Well, guess what’s not going away? That’s right, the ever-annoying ache in my back. The minor ache I ignored was now growing to interrupt my sleep, commuting in my car, even just sitting on the couch trying to enjoy a movie. Looking for signs I wasn’t alone, I called up an old football buddy of mine, who later coached with me for a bit after we graduated. Had to pick his brain, I was growing mildly concerned at this point the pain was not subsiding. A good 30 minutes into our conversation he reveals his dark secret to me. He’s a chiropractor! I’m taken back to say the least. I thought him and I would be on the same page regarding chiropractic care especially after all of our experience with football and athletes. He explains he is not your typical chiropractor, but rather a Gonstead Chiropractor.

He further explains Gonstead Chiropractors use something called the Gonstead Technique. It’s funny what people are willing to try when they are desperate to relieve themselves of pain. I had three options at this point. I was either going to trust my long time friend and colleague, tough out the pain and hope it goes away, or rely and prescription pain medication to mask my symptoms. I was pain free after my third visit. That old football buddy of mine had solved the mysteries surrounding chiropractic care for me. A form of healing that was awe-inspiring to me from the first day I walked into that office.

My goal is to reverse the stigma and fear based mindset many people carry regarding chiropractic care. When the right technique is applied, all things can be healed through the spine. I strive to restore new hope, faith and healing in those suffering from what they believe is an untreatable condition.